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My Sweet Jamaica

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

My Sweet Jamaica

Warm climate. Beautiful tropical waters. Miles of beautiful beaches. Cuisine that will tickle your tastebuds. Jamaica is bursting with adventure and culture. I'm so excited to share my sweet Jamaica with you.

Whatever you want, Jamaica has you covered! Did the doctor order relaxation? Chill out in Negril, the Capital of Casual. Bloody Bay offers a beautiful beach in a quieter setting than the world famous 7 Mile Beach. If sand is not your thing check out the cliffs on the west end of Negril. There is nothing more relaxing than the hypnotic sound of the waves hitting the cliffs. For a completely different beach experience, check out the pristine beach at Frenchmen's Cove in Port Antonio.

Looking for adventure? No problem! Feeling grave? Check out the rabbit hole at Reach Falls in Portland Parish. Take an epic hike to the peak of the Blue Mountains. Zip line at YS Falls in St. Elizabeth Parish. Accessible only by boat, visit Floyd's Pelican Bar, a bar built entirely of driftwood and located 3/4 off the coast.

History. Jamaica has that too! A trip to the Bob Marley museum in Kingston is a must for all Reggae lovers. Discover the sunken pirate city at Port Royal which was once known as "the most wicked and sinful city in the world." Learn about the "white witch" Annie Palmer at Rose Hall in Montego Bay. Or visit Accompong Town, a historical Maroon Village located in the hills of St. Elizabeth Parish.

Finally, Jamaica is a foodies paradise. Jamaica has options to satisfy a wide variety of palates and budget. From 5 star dining options at Round Hill and Half Moon in Montego Bay. Jamaica also has budget friendly dining options that will knock your socks off. Check out the birthplace of jerk in Boston Beach in Portland Parish. Roadside stands can be found throughout the island and they offer everything from fresh fruits and cane to jerk chicken. You'll find options such as Thai in Negril at Sing U. And the best fried chicken at Connie's Country Western Pub also located in Negril.

And so the adventure begins! Come have an adventure with us at Island Turf Tours



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